Leeb462 surface roughness tester surface roughness tester 3.5 inch digital surface roughness tester Model Number: Leeb462


    It can measure the roughness of various machined parts, such as plane surface, bevel surface, outer
cylindrical surface, curved surface, small hole, groove and car axle etc.
    Application for Surface roughness measurement of metal and non-metal parts and workpiece,
including a variety of machining parts, machining manufacturing, testing, commodity inspection
departments,it is especially suitable for on-site inspection of large workpiece and production lines and
the inspection, measurement, commodity inspection and other departments of the outbound
verification,no damage to the workpiece.
Surface Roughness Tester Leeb462 Price Quantity
Leeb462 1860.00
1) New design: Users-friendly system and intuitive menu navigation
2) Measurement mode: general measuring and Splittype measuring (take off sensor) can be selected
3) Multi-direction measurement such as lateral and upside
4) DSP chip controlled achieves high accuracy and fast testing speed
5) 3.5-inch LCD touch screen, digital and colour graphic display with backlight
6) Touch screen & button operation are both available
7) Rechargeable Li-ion battery allows you to make on-site measurements( > 50 hours continuously)
8) Multi-functions: Bluetooth printing, Operation by APP, operate indications, Automatic sleep/shutdown and etc.
9) Calculation results, assessed profiles, bearing and amplitude curves can be displayed
10) Easy to connect with computer and printer

Model Leeb462
Measuring range 160μm( -80μm ~ +80μm)/
Optional :320 µm ( -160μm ~ +160μm)
 Maximum drive stroke length   20mm (0.78 inch)
 Resolution   0.001μm
 Roughness parameters  Ra,Rz,Rq,Rt,
Rp,Rv,R3z,R3y,Rz(JIS),Rs,Rsk,Rsm,Rku,Rmr; Ry;
 Standard   ISO,ANSI,DIN,JIS
 Graphics  Curves, roughness profile, direct profile
 Filtering methods   RC,PC-RC,Gauss,D-P
 Sample length (lr)   0.25,0.8,2.5mm
 Evaluation length(ln)  Ln= lr×n n=1~5
      Standard Sensor Measuring principle  Displacement differential inductor (Inductive)
Stylus   Stylus Diamond,90°,5μm radius of stylus
Stylus force  <4mN
Lead head  Cemented carbide,sliding direction radius 40mm
Sliding speed  lr=0.25, Vt=0.135mm/s; lr=0.8, Vt=0. 5mm/s;
lr=2. 5, Vt=1mm/s; Return Vt=1mm/s
  Indication error   ≤ ±7%
 Indication variability  < 6%
Memory 100 groups ( data and graphic)
Power supply Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Dimension (mm)  Main body:64*53*160 Sensor dirver:23*27*115
Weight  About 380g (Main body)
Operation environment   Temperature:- 20℃~40℃, Humidity:<90% RH
Storage/transportation environment  Temperature:- 40℃~60℃, Humidity:<90% RH

Roughness Measuring Range

Parameters Display range Parameters Display range
Ra,Rq 0.005μm ~ 30μm Rz,R3z,Ry,Rt,Rp,Rm 0.02μm ~ 320μm
Sk 0 ~ 100% S,Sm 1mm


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