Aspirator Bottles( HDPE) With screw cap and carrying handle.
Aspirator Bottles( HDPE) With polypropylene stopcock and screw cap
Aspirator Bottles( HDPE) Natural PP bottle with PP stopcock and screw cap and TPE gasket.
Autoclavable Carboy With handle polypropylene and white PP screw
Weighing Boats, Diamond Shaped Disposable diamond shaped weighing boats.
Weighing Boats, Square Shaped Disposable diamond shaped weighing boats.
Beakers (PP) Griffin squat form,with spout,clearly graduated.
Beakers (PMP) Griffin squat form,with spout. Made of PMP.
Beakers (PMP) Graduated with spout.
Beakers (PP) Low form,graduated with spout, made of polypropylene.
Beakers (PMP) Low form, graduated with spout. Made of PMP(TMX)
Craduated Pitchers Made of highly transparent PP.


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