Wide Mouth Round Bottle (PP) Made of natural PP bottles with PP screw cap.
Weighing Bottle with low form,40*25mm-70*35mm
Gas Generator with outlet near bottom,250*82*314mm-1000*130*450mm
Reagent Bottle with narrow mouth,30ml-20000ml
Reagent Bottle(amber glass)with narrow mouth,30ml-1000ml
Reagent Bottle with wide mouth,30ml-10000ml
Reagent Bottle(amber glass)with wide mouth,30ml-1000ml
Distilled water bottle with tubulature at bottom,2500ml-20000ml
Distilled water bottle with ground-in glass stopper and stopcock at bottom,2500ml-20000ml
Dropping Bottle,30ml-125ml
Specimen Jar,90*45mm-400*240mm
Sprcific Gravity Bottle,10ml-100ml


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