Leeb432 Surface Roughness Tester Meter Gauge with Portable Measure 13 Parameters Four Filtering Methods Model Number: Leeb432


It can measure the roughness of various machined parts, such as plane surface, bevel surface, outer
cylindrical surface, curved surface, small hole, groove and car axle etc.
    Application for Surface roughness measurement of metal and non-metal parts and workpiece,
including a variety of machining parts, machining manufacturing, testing, commodity inspection
departments,it is especially suitable for on-site inspection of large workpiece and production lines and
the inspection, measurement, commodity inspection and other departments of the outbound
verification,no damage to the workpiece.
Surface Roughness Tester Leeb432 Price Quantity
Leeb432 1500.00
1) Five optional sensors for measuring special shaped work-pieces.
2) DSP chip controlled achieves high accuracy and fast testing speed.
3) Matrix LCD screen displays all parameters and data.
4) 13 parameters and 4 filtering methods: RC, PC-RC, GAUSS and D-P.
5) High quality with ISO/ DIN/ CE/ JIS/ FCC standards.
6) Memory: 100 groups of measuring data.
7) Power supply: 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery.
8) Standard Sensor: diamond stylus with radius 5μm, force 4mN(0.4gf), and angle 90°
9) Available PC software for data management and Excel reports.
10) Optional printer connecting by USB.
Model Leeb432
Measuring range Ra:0.005-16μm Rz:0.02-160μm
Maximum drive stroke length 17.5mm/0.7inch
Resolution 0.001μm
Roughness parameters Ra,Ry,Rq,Rz,Rt,RSm,RS,Rp,Rv,R3z,
 Filtering methods  RC, PC-RC, GAUSS, D-P
 Sample length (lr)   0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm/±20μm,±40μm,±80μm
 Evaluation length(ln)  1.25mm, 4mm,5mm/Option from(1-5)L
 Indication error   ≤±8%
 Indication variability  <6%
Memory 100 Groups
Dimension (mm) 119×47×65mm
Weight 440g
Operation environment 0 ºC -40 ºC
Standard configuration Main Unit,Standard sensor,Calibration block, Supporting platform, Power charger, Manual,Certificate, Warranty card, PC analysis software
Optional Accessories Measurement Platforms , optional sensors, printer


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