Portable Hardness Tester Leeb180D/ 180G/ 180DL Model Number: Leeb180D/ 180G/ 180DL


Steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast aluminum alloy,
copper zinc alloys (brass), an alloy of copper and tin, copper (bronze), forged steel.
Hardness Tester Leeb180D/ 180G/ 180DL Price Quantity
Leeb180D/ 180G/ 180DL 230.00
1) Freely switch to hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS,HL
2) Direct calibration on HL,HRC,HB.
3) Large LCD screen with back-light, showing all functions and parameters
4) Upper and lower limit and sound alarm
5) Conversion to tensile strength (U.T.S)
Model Leeb180D Leeb180G Leeb180DL
Calibration Direct calibration on HL, HRC, HB.
Main application Normal Test For casting and forging of large,thick heavy and surface is rough For slender, narrow or long holes
Measuring Range (150-960)HLD,(17.1~68.5)HRC,(77-651)HB,(83~976)HV,(26.4~99.5)HS, (59.6~99.6)HRB
Accuracy ±6HLD(HLD=760)
Indication repeatability 6HLD(HLD=760)
Operation Direction 360°
Hardness parameter HL,HRA,HRC,HRB,HB, HV,HS,HSD
Fixed impact device D G DL
PC software Yes
Storage 350 groups
Statistical Yes
Battery Rechargeable Lithium battery 3.7V/300mA
Dimension 150*40*45mm 255*45*45mm 210*40*45mm
Weight 110g 260g 130g
Standard Delivery Main body,Operation manual,Power adapter,Small supporting ring,Cleaning brush,Calibration block,Certificate.
Optional Shaped support ring,Calibration block,PC software


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