TS-3333 ten-Section curve program control system bottle Shaker Model Number: TS-3333


Classification:Laboratory Thermostatic Devices
Brand Name:Sinosource
Model Number:TS-3333
Place of Origin:China
Rotation Frequency:60~280rpm
Frequency Accuracy:±1 rpm
Digital Display Mode:LCD
Electric Value:380V/220V±10% 1100W(Variable frequency speed regulation)
Rocker size:325mm*520mm
Warranty:1 Year
TS-3333 ten-Section curve program control system bottle Shaker Price Quantity
TS-3333 5090.00
² With the remote control function of mobile phone, the user can control the instrument in different places and observe the running state of the instrument at any time. When the instrument runs abnormally, an abnormal alarm can be issued to the user, and the instrument can be adjusted in time to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment. (optional function).

Optional accessories
Remote control with mobile phone

True color touch screen
USB data storage system
RS485 interface
Embedded micro printer


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