TS-300DH 30-300rpm vertical double-layer constant temperature oscillator Model Number: 


Classification:Laboratory Thermostatic Devices
Brand Name:Sinosource
Model Number:TS-300DH
Place of Origin:China
Rotation Frequency:30~300rpm
Frequency Accuracy:±1 rpm
Digital Display Mode:LCD
Temperature Control range:RT+5℃~60℃( when external temperature is 25℃)
Electric Value:220-240v 50-60hz
Temperature Control Accuracy:±0.1℃
TS-300DH 30-300rpm vertical double-layer constant temperature oscillator Price Quantity
TS-300DH 2200

1. Set constant temperature incubator and oscillator in one which has more functions and needs less investment.

2. The machine is mute in whole with luxurious and beautiful shape. 

3. The instrument surface applies the advanced electrostatic plastic spraying technology to ensure the paint surface is not easy to damage and easy to maintain. Inner tank 304 mirror stainless steel assembly is resistant to acid and alkali and easy to clean.

4. Large toughened hollow glass visual window with good thermal insulation and wider visual range of observation cavity, and built-in lighting makes the whole working state transparent.

5. The cavity is equipped with both ultraviolet and ozone disinfection functions, which makes the sterilization process more convenient and thorough.

6. The tilted humanized backlit display screen has a better operation experience and visual effect.

7. Applied slow-start design to prevent liquid splashing from shaking bottle caused by sudden start, effectively ensuring the safety of the sample.

8. Equipped with automatic recovery functionafter a power outage, if the power is on, the equipment can automatically operate according to the original setting program.

9. When the temperature control of the instrument is abnormal, the heating can be stopped automatically and an audible and visual alarm can be issued, effectively ensuring the safety of the experimental samples. (The alarm temperature can be set according to the experimental requirements)     

10. Advanced maintenance-free motor and high-precision reliable mechanical system ensure the long-term continuous operation.

11. Advanced 30-stage intelligent curve program control system can set different combination modes about temperature, rotational speed and so on for continuous operation.



Rotation Frequency


Control method

P.I.D(Microcomputer intelligent control)

Frequency Accuracy

±1 rpm

Pendulum Amplitude


Standard Issue

250ml×35 test tubes or 500ml×24 test tubes 

Tray Size


Timing range

0~999 minutes/ Hours

Temperature Control range

RT+5℃~60℃( when external temperature is 25℃)

Temperature Control Accuracy


Temperature Uniformity


Digital Display Mode


Tray Quantity

2 pieces



Net Weight






Electric Value

AC220V~240V    50HZ~60HZ

² Note:
With the remote control function of mobile phone, the user can control the instrument in different places and observe the running state of the instrument at any time. When the instrument runs abnormally, an abnormal alarm can be issued to the user, and the instrument can be adjusted in time to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment. (optional function).

Optional accessories
Remote control with mobile phone

True color touch screen
USB data storage system
RS485 interface
Embedded micro printer


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